Nelsinho Piquet

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New heroes are born every day in the world of motor racing. Formula One racing in particular has become a breeding zone for young and talented race car drivers that will have you wondering how they got so good so fast. Take for example the incredible driving skills of Nelsinho Piquet. The German born Brazilian racer has made a mark on the international scene and is only 23 years of age. The young gun has racing in his blood as he is the son of Brazil’s most successful Formula One racer the three times Formula One Champion Nelson Piquet. This Heifelberg born young man is now a house hold name for Formula One fans from all around the world.

He first made his mark on the international scene with an outright victory in the GP2 Series in Belgium in the year 2005. The subsequent year also saw Piquet giving a commendable performance as he ended up second in the series. These great performances of the youngster drew the attention of Renault who signed him up as a test driver for the Renault Formula One team for the season of 2007. His consistent effort as the test driver team led to his promotion as he became a full time member of the race team. Hence he began his new year as a racer for the Renault team.

The young speedster is currently residing in Oxford in England. A review of his history tells us that he grew up as a son of divorced parents from his early child hood. He spent his initial years with his mother in Monaco but shifted to Brazil with his father after the age of eight. Piquet confesses his mother let him go because she knew that life would be much better in Brazil due to a number of obvious reasons. It turns out his mother’s predictions turned out to be true as he managed to make a big name for himself and a decent living as well. The young racer is part of a huge family that has two sisters and four brothers.

Nelsinho PiquetNelsinho PiquetNelsinho PiquetNelsinho PiquetNelsinho PiquetNelsinho Piquet

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