Giancarlo Fisichella

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Fisico or Fisi are the nicknames of one formidable Formula One driver who has been in the sport for quite some time now. Giancarlo Fisichella who was born in the year 1973 in the great city of Rome has over the years driven for Renault, Jordon, Sauber, Minardi and Benetton. Today he is part of the new comers into the sport; the Force India Team. Over the years Fisichella has had some very impressive races that has gotten him noticed amongst the top guns of the sport. Today with so much young blood coming into the sport he remains one of the most formidable names in the world of Formula One racing.

Throughout his career he has managed to win three big races. His first victory came in the year 2003 in the Brazilian Grand Prix. This was a rather unique victory for Fisi as the race had to be abandoned due to safety reasons with 15 laps remaining. There was great confusion amongst the judges over the technicalities and rules of calculating the winner but after a couple of days Giancarlo Fisichella emerged as the outright winner. Later he joined the Renault Team as the ideal replacement for the Italian racer Jarno Trulli. In the year 2005 he won his first ever race with the team in Australia. He was however largely overshadowed by his teammate Fernando Alonso during his time in the Renault team as his partner managed to secure most of the wins.

He did however manage to beat his own teammate in one race but that was about all that he could get out of the situation. Giancarlo Fisichella has other operations going on outside the field of driving. Not only is he a dedicated professional Formula One driver he owns his own GP2 ream by the name of FMS International. The speed king also enjoys a full time normal family life with his wife Luna and two sweet children, Christopher and Carlotta. Currently he enjoys an important position as part of the Force India team who benefit from Giancarlo’s years of experience

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