Adrian Sutil

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Adrian Sutil is one of the Formula One drivers who are at the prime of their careers in their prime age. The German Formula One racing driver is just 25 years of age and has managed to cause ripples in the world of F1 racing. This young man does not have racing in his bloodline rather he is the son of quite an accomplished musician couple by the name of Monika and Jorge. He himself is a professionally trained pianist. At around the age of fourteen however Adrian Sutil of Germany took to karting and then gradually progressed from there on to Formula Ford in 2002. He gave an impressive performance by winning all ten rounds of the season from pole along with adding five wins in the Austria Championship.

In the year 2003 Sutil became participated in the Formula BMW championship. He finished of sixth in the season. The next season he competed in Formula 3 Euroseries after which he moved to the ASM team. In 2006 he won the All Japan Formula Three championship which was when he really began to take notice in the eyes of international racing teams and fans as well.

In 2006 he tested for Midland F1 racing and became one of their test drivers. His teammates showed great appreciation for his talents and believed he had what it takes to become a big time Formula One superstar. The subsequent years saw Adrian out qualify all his team mates who were considered to be much more accomplished racers at that time. His good performance got him the praise of his teammates and even the media began to notice the talents of Adrian who was all over the news as the next big thing. Sutil managed to get his career best when he finished 9th with the Spyker’s team. One of the things that have tainted Adrian’s career in the past year is the fact that he was driving a highly uncompetitive car. But despite this he managed to gain considerable notice and became a much respected F1 racing driver.

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